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Harvest is testament to the beautiful irregularities found in nature. Each two-tone carpet tile differs to the next and the contrast between the yarns injects texture and quiet movement into the design. The finished result reflects the rustic wood scenes and windswept wheat fields that were the creative inspiration for Harvest - conveying a calm energy that breathes new life into commercial spaces.

A selection of 9 neutral grey and beige tones, offset by 3 organic accent colours (12 options in total), presents users with a subtle palette that adds striking depth to schemes. The 50x50cm structured loop carpet tile may be used on its own, in a single colour; or in two or more colourways for impact and to intelligently ‘zone’ the installation. Alternatively, Harvest may be combined with plain tiles in complementary colours to intersperse the flow in intriguing ways.


Available in 12 colours 
Standard with DESSO ProBase backing                                      

Optional with 100% recyclable EcoBase backing
Cradle to Cradle® Bronze level certified     

Flooring Type: Carpet Modular 
Product type: Textile floor coverings (EN 1307) 
Commercial classification: 33 Heavy 
Dimension: 50cm x 50cm
Items per box: 20 
Manufacture type: Tufted